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PeaceCraft Community Projects

Another way PeaceCraft serves our mission of promoting peace through economic justice is through community projects.  We will match customer donations to a rotating series of projects that exist to help those in need, both locally and internationally.​  You can help by donating to our current project - just drop a donation in the box at the checkout, or mail us a check, and we'll match your contribution!

Past Projects:

Habitat for Humanity of Madison  & Clark Counties

Three out of four families who are low income in Berea, Richmond, and Winchester do not have access to safe, decent, affordable shelter. Habitat for Humanity builds strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter. Our shared vision is a world where everyone has a decent and affordable place to live.


Kentucky Refugee Ministries

Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Inc (KRM), a non-profit organization, is dedicated to providing excellent services to refugees through faith and agency based co-sponsorship in order to promote self-sufficiency and successful integration into our community. KRM is committed to offering access to community resources and opportunities and to promoting awareness of diversity for the benefit of the whole community.

Habitat for Humanity of El Salvador

El Salvador is currently suffering a huge housing deficit.  One out of three citizens live in inadequate homes.  Habitat for Humanity of El Salvador provides support to families in need of adequate housing both through building of complete homes and also through educational workshops about home economy.


The Starfish Project                          

Starfish Project was established in 2006 to empower exploited women in Asia. The Project developed a socially responsible jewelry business in order to provide women with alternative employment and a range of holistic care services. Starfish Project provides opportunities for women to heal and grow through counseling, vocational training, language acquisition, family education grants and health care access, as well as providing housing in our women’s shelter. As of 2011, the Project had grown to support approximately 35 women, primarily through the jewelry company where women have taken on new levels of responsibility and leadership, and are able to provide for their families through meaningful employment.  You can make a cash donation or browse through our selection of their beautiful jewelry and support them through Fair Trade buying.


PeaceCorps Project in Benin, West Africa

​We started out working with a Lexington, Kentucky Peace Corps volunteer to help fund a science lab in a village school in Benin.  However, just as we were counting up our donations, we were told that the project had reached full funding!  Good news.  So, we chose to donate the funds ($155) to another education project with the PeaceCorps in Benin.


Power of Five

This was a campaign headed by Ganesh Himal as part of their Girl Child Education Project.  For every $5 donated, a girl received one month's scholarship to attend school.  With the help of our customers, we were able to donate more than $800 to this project, which translates to more than 160 months of education!


​Berea Food Bank

A donation of $184 was made to help out folks right here at home. The Berea Food Bank is a part of Berea Faith Community Outreach. 



We have been purchasing crafts from this wonderful group in Guatemala for many years.  UPAVIM today is an 80+ member cooperative association with 41 employees and more than 68 women (some also employees) working as seamstresses and doing handicrafts.  The sales of their handicrafts provide funding for their school, which is currently overcrowded and in need of an addition.  We raised money to donate to their annex project, and were able to send a check for $990.


The New Opportunity School for Women

Founded right here in Berea in 1987, with the mission of "improving the educational, financial, and personal circumstances of low-income, middle-aged women in Kentucky and the south central Appalachian region."  Through a three-week residential program, as well as career and educational outreach programs, the school has helped more than 580 women to get a new start.  We are collecting donations which will be put to use providing education, training, counseling, health screenings, program materials, and residential costs.



Bereans United for Utility and Rent Relief is a project of Berea Faith Community Outreach, whose purpose is to provide assistance with rent and utility bills to those in need.  $134 donated.  We conducted a second fundraiser for this project for another donation of $102.


Grow Appalachia

The basic purpose of Grow Appalachia is to teach and support the people of Appalachia in addressing the tragedy of hunger in the region by learning to grow their own food to feed themselves. Our donation of $360 was earmarked to help low-income families who wish to apply for a plot in the brand new East Ridge Community Garden here in Berea.


Lexington Human Trafficking Taskforce's HOPE Project

The Lexington Human Trafficking Task Force is a strategic network of local organizations and individuals working to combat human trafficking in KY. Volunteers with their HOPE project distribute chapsticks labelled with the Human Trafficking Hotline number to areas where trafficked minors are likely to be. We were able to donate $220 to their project.


Scholarship Program for Children in La Esperanza, Guatemala. Funds:   

Through Upavim's community development fund, scholarships are given to children in this tough neighborhood in Guatemala City, who otherwise may not be able to attend school.  Dropout rates are extremely high in Guatemala, so these scholarships can make a huge difference.  $440 donated.

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